15 August 2011

project life 2011- weeks 20-23

Trying not to make the blog posts super photo heavy so instead I'll post three posts today!! That should catch me up with things. LOL

Week 20- Alex is once again wearing mis matched socks on purpose!! So cute. Saturday was a day of shopping ALONE for me. Got through 3 stores without one single complaint!!

Week 21- So much to do and no time to do it!! We have bought our paint to do the garage and the house. Hope it's enough. And yes we know they sell the paint in the 15 gallon tubs but the Home Depot we went to, was out of the proper tint we needed so they sold us 15 gallon cans instead. Turns out it was much easier to use these than worry about lifting a 15 gallon tub up a ladder!!

Week 22- Working on the house time. Must be spring finally!!

Week 23- Kira's birthday this week. Daddy got a new car and Alex graduated from preschool. Good week for the Foltz Family!!

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