12 August 2011


Yup, that would be me lately. Haven't had the energy or desire to do much around the house. Guess that explains the running around I have been doing the past couple days trying to get things in order before my parents get here. Guess I got tired of putting everything away that I didn't get out.

Okay... whine time over (wine time later!!)

Last weekend we went to Syracuse to celebrate my BIL's marriage. The party was held at Stafford Park in Lafayette, NY. Wasn't too bad a place and the kids did enjoy the playground that was there. Especially this cool contraption. The two of them together couldn't get it spinning the 360* it could go. But Kira did manage to spin Alex. Daddy had to do Kira as Alex was a bit too small to help her out.

They spent a fair amount of time on this. I got a bunch of fun pictures. The two that follow are my favorites. Love Alex's face in the first one. So silly but so typical of him.

This one I love the movement to it.

Then the clouds came in and it started raining. That's when the kiddos got totally bored and restless. And we had been there 4 hours and it didn't look like the cutting of the cake was anytime soon. We took off and picked up some cupcakes at Wegmans. drool drool drool They have changed their frosting. Guess it has less fat or something like that. Don't care... they were pretty darn good. No complaints from the kids.

Good visit for us. This week the parental units are coming to our place. They are going to the New Hampshire speedway for the Indy cars. Okay... it may not be the Indy cars per say since I have no idea which branch is going to be there... but it is that style of car they are going to see. Crossing fingers for them that the rain holds off until evening on Sunday.

Off to finish up the house. Have to run a few things out to the garage. Then I think a shower is in order for this mommy.

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