22 August 2011

does it have to end??

It's getting closer. Every second that ticks off... Every minute. I can feel it getting closer and closer.


Yup... it's getting here. This week we have Band and Chorus Camp for Kira in the mornings. Works out well since then I can do some PTA things and spend some time at the playground with the little man in my life.

That also means I am setting my alarm clock once again. eeeek... not that! Yes! No longer will I be the lady of leisure sleeping in until I decide to open my eyes. My poor eyes will be opening way before I want them to in order to get the kiddos ready for their busy days. I see some naps during the first week back until I am back in the habit of no sleep.

Glorious day today. Got the PTA back to school paperwork all copied and into the teachers mailboxes this morning. Kids got to spend some time on the playground which is always a good thing. I need to do a couple more little things for the Pot Luck this Thursday at the school. Then maybe I can do some scrapping. Who knows.

Have a good one and I hope your alarm clock didn't wake you up too early this morning!! ;)

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