18 August 2011

new friends

Yup... it was that time of year again. Build a Bear Workshop was having their sale... get an animal, outfit and shoes for $29.99! So off we went. Alex loves his new dalmatian Lucky! And he is dressed in the latest of Cars fashion jammies and slippers. So cute.

Kira got this tie dye cat named Fuchsia. Adorable!! What you can't see in the picture are the boots this little kitty cat is sporting. They are heels!! So funny.

Mommy got a bear too and dressed him in an orange hoodie, jeans and some "flame" sneaks. Nope no picture. Those are the drawbacks of mommy taking all the pictures. oh BTW... his name is Edgar Cinco!

Story time... hubby got me a bear at Disney (not sure while we were on vacation or at the store- can't remember I have had him awhile) and his name is Edgar. Kira was going through a time of bad dreams so I would loan her Edgar. Suddenly, mommy didn't have her Edgar anymore and didn't like that. Daddy made her Edgar Two which Kira quickly snagged... and squashed his tummy into nothingness. Poor thing needs to be restuffed one day at BABW.

For Christmas either last year or the year before, daddy got Kira and I matching Edgar bears (Edgar Three and Edgar Four) Recently Alex has been having bad dreams so Kira loaned him Edgar Two. Now he doesn't want to part with it. Sigh... hence the need to pick up Edgar Cinco.

Pathetic story but that's all I got today. Laundry is kicking my butt. I finally hung up all the enlargements I ordered. It's a tad warm today and I want to just hop back into bed and sleep. Hopefully more pictures to come. I did manage to create a donation pail for the PTA. I think it looks good. We'll see.

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  1. Looooove the pics of the kids!! Think BABW's sale is nationwide, or local?