12 April 2011

real quick

I have a few minutes before I have to start dinner and finish putting things away. So here I am to keep you from jumping out of your skin in anticipation of what I have been working on!! LOL I know that's not the truth... so humor me. please??

All of them are based on pagemaps. I love me some pagemaps and use them all the time. I would be lost without them. Anywho, this one is from March 2009 pagemap. We had a saxophone in the garage, I know not your average thing to keep in a garage but there it was. Seriously, the inlaws were cleaning out their basement and it was sent home with us after a visit. I think it is BIL's but it's now ours. Ownership is nine tenths of the law right?? LOL

Anywho... rental of the instruments for band were crazy crazy expensive. Basically we would not be eating at least one week out of the month. Thank goodness we had it. For under $100 we had it cleaned and tuned and got Kira some reeds and she was good to go.

Kira's part of the annual egg hunt in town. Love love love my butterflies! Thank you Alien for turning me onto them. How have I not found these creatures before? I am hoping I don't become too obsessed with them and have a butterfly overload... but for now... I be a happy scrapper!! Also the leaf border punch is dreamy!! I would have loved the butterfly one, but it was out of stock when I had my mad money. I think I'll make due. (pagemap February 2011)

I punched a few eggs with my handy dandy red Sizzix machine. I inked the edges but then decided they needed a bit more so ended up covering most of the inking with stickles!! I like it and I think Alex will forgive me my glittering up his page!! BTW... he had a great time finding eggs!! (pagemap December 2010)

Last year both kids got new bikes. Yeah... Kira's is too small for her then and even more so this year. But she would not be swayed once she saw this puppy bike. Gathering our pennies together to get her a bike she may be able to use for more than one year!!

Easter 2010. Again that lovely border punch!! And a bunch of stuff from my stash. I collect Easter things and have a large supply of stuff for that holiday. It is one of my favorites. I used some left over arrows to point to the eggs that are in the pictures that the kids were walking right past. LOL They are cute. (pagemap September 2009)

That's what I've been doing. Right now I have a clean desk and no idea what I am going to pull out to work on. Strange. We'll both be surprised when I return!!


  1. What a cute little saxophone player!

  2. Okay, here are some comments on those creations!
    1. Saxophone - love the papers, the pagemap, and that bradded circle!!
    2. K's Egg hunt - love the papers, the cool addition of the embroidery floss - at least I think it's floss - and the BUTTERFLIES OH YES!!!!
    3. A's egg hunt - love that green and the glittery outlined eggs are perfect!
    4. Bikes - looove the papers, and it sure looks to me like you SEWED!!!
    5. Inside egg hunt - OMG I love that little peep! Papers are awesome, sewing is awesome, pictures are awesome, LOVE this page!!

    And Taylan would kill for that puppy bike, holy moses, quite honestly didn't know they have those. I don't get out much, do I??!! =)