02 April 2011

my beautiful baby is perfect again!

Can I tell you how I simply adore this girl?? She is such a strong individual and has her own security about her. I wish I had had that when I was her age. So proud of her. Anyways... she couldn't see too well in school and had trouble focusing distances after she had been reading for awhile and actually mentioned it to me!!

This is a big deal since I did not do the same thing when I was her age. Nope, I squinted and did everything I could to not tell anyone I needed glasses. I have to remind you that when I was her age, glasses were not cool and were not the fashion statements they are today. They were big and bold and took over your face. It was the age of teasing in school between classmates (which would now be bullying). I was not about to wear glasses if I could see fine with a little squinting and moving my desk closer to the board. Move forward two years in my life and the squinting did not work anymore and I was forced to get glasses. Man I thought my life was over. I was still too young to get contacts so I chose some lovely (at least I thought they were at the time) purple frames. I even had a pair that someone called a creamsicle since they were purple around the ear pieces and faded to a lighter purple almost white in the middle around the nose piece. Yup, I was scarred.

But not my little lady. She was so excited when she was told she would need glasses!! There are many girls in her class and grade that wear glasses and she thinks they are the bomb! I am so happy times have changed and styles as well.

Without further ado... here is my new and improved munchkin!!

This is right after we picked them up. Can you tell she loves them?? They are pink and have bling and flowers. She is in heaven with them. I'll get a better shot soon but had to post this one. Love her!!

I had to share this picture of our milk from yesterday. Snow days call for colored milk and since yesterday was a snow day... colored milk!! Alex wanted orange and Kira wanted turquoise! Oh the fun of colored milk. I even joined in and had a large glass of purple milk. Yummy!

Off to my birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Yummy.


  1. Kira is growing up so fast! She is simply adorable in her new glasses! Almost afraid to ask but what do you color your milk with? lol Hope you have a wonderful birthday dinner!

  2. Milk is colored with ordinary food coloring. Simple yet they love it!!

  3. Wow, a Diana drive-by???!!!!! You certainly do rate high!!!!

    As soon as I read snow day, I began wondering about the colored milk and Voila!! hehehe

    She's simply gorgeous, and with those glasses!! Did I tell you that Taylan had to get a pair last year? She had no prayer of good eyesight considering her sperm donor and me. Unbelievable that Braeden doesn't need any yet, perfect 20/20. I'm so old that I have trifocals now - progressives actually, no wait, I think the ones I have on are bifocal since the tri wouldn't fit with this size of frame. OMG, you are SO right about how glasses in the 70s and 80s were what hubby calls "birth control glasses." You wear them and you will never get a date. We were too poor to get me glasses, although I needed them, and I remember how I struggled with geometry because I sat in the back of the class with my friends but couldn't see a thing, mostly. How dumb was that??!! Glasses today are So cute, both Taylan's and Kira's are wonderful!!