09 April 2011

sea world layout

Today we spent hanging outside in the glorious spring weather. We've been cooped up too long by old man winter. The kids had the better deal though, they got to play while hubby and I worked on spring cleaning the garage. It is something that needs to be done every spring and even more so since I am trying to organize things out there. I had purchased some totes last summer but never got around to using them. Today we worked on filling them up. After all our remodeling of this house, we have a plumbing tote, an electrical tote and a tiling tote. Still need to get more for the garden stuff, drywall stuff and misc stuff that needs a home (all those anchors and braces and such). It was good to get a start on it. Even managed to get rid of some stuff. Always good.

Anywho... found this layout on my camera. I finished it before the book fair and took a picture and then never got it off the camera!! Silly me. It's from our trip to Sea World in 2008. I still have more pages to do for this album but I am taking a needed break from it for a bit. I felt a lot of pressure to complete it which makes me rush through my layouts and then I'm not happy with them. So to keep from hating this album, I am putting it aside for a bit and working on pictures that are calling to me.

I used a pagemap from August 2009 for this layout. Improvised a bit on it but I like how it came out. And I cannot believe how much the kids have grown since then. I need to figure out how to stop time for a bit. They are growing much too fast!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Catch you all on the flip side!


  1. OMG I love it!! I sooooo appreciate that your pages split where the pictures split. The papers are great, that brad circle is great, Alex is SOOO little(!!!), and Kira will one day make big buck$$ with that smile!

    Know what, I asked Braeden to write down the books he likes, and now that it's late, of course I can't find where he wrote it. And yep, Taylan's the same, she likes the puppy place ones because she's so into dogs at the moment, but she can finish one in a morning because she said they're that easy. Shoot, if she wanted to read the Kix box, I say read read read read.

  2. Wonderful layout, great design.....~Cherrie~