22 April 2011

week in review

Love a good Spirit Week at school. This year Kira really got into it and thought about what she wanted to wear and do each day. So much fun.

Today's theme was Earth Day- wear green. Well my little lady decided that since they said she should wear green, that should include her hair since we still had the coloring from Wacky Hair day. Okay... why not. So we sprayed her hair green this morning. I do believe she was the only one with green hair today. Talk about going green!!

For twin day, she became part of a group of triplets. They all wore pink shirts. How stinking cute are these girls?? They have really become good friends this year and they are all so sweet. I hope they get to be in the same class next year. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of them over the summer.

Hat day. Of course my rebel daughter had to wear her hat backwards all day. So darn cute!! The funny thing, her friend Maggie had the same hat but wore it the correct way. So coming and going you could see the hat with the two of them.

Now for 70's Day. Her bandana around her head is a belt from a long since outgrown pair of pants. It has a texture and its long so it is really perfect for getting into the groovy feel of the 70's. I know the monkey sweatshirt isn't really 70's but it was too chilly to wear a short sleeved shirt (which is what the white shirt is) Groovy man.

All in all, it was a good week and I think the kids all had fun with it. I'll have to post some pictures of Alex so he doesn't think I don't love him. Poor kid.

I have been working on my Project Life book and am up to the week of March 13th for my journaling. Cruising right along. I'll be all set when the mailman brings my box of pictures! So fun!

Tomorrow is the Easter Egg Hunt at the Rec Center. The kids are so excited I'm not sure they'll sleep much tonight. But here's hoping they do!! Promise pictures tomorrow of that fun!!


  1. I love how she got into the spirit of things. Love that green hair. Have fun with the Easter egg hunt. Looking forward to those pictures :)


  2. Wow, spirit week in middle school, we NEVER had that, only in high school. So glad she gets to have fun like that early on!! Makes me smile to see her giant grin!