07 April 2011

getting there

I am slowly recovering from the book fair and getting out of the constant motion mode. My brain is starting to return to a state of mommy-dom. Which is good. Laundry on the other hand... still out of control! It's been too cold for any naked days around here so there is plenty of laundry to keep my busy. oh the joys!!

The Book Fair almost made our goal dollar wise this year. I think we would have done it if there wasn't a snow day on Friday but I am very pleased with our results. We took 60% of what we raised in profit which we turned into books for the library, each and every student received a free book and the classroom libraries were increased as well. All in all we gave away 830 books!! Amazing number and so happy with it!

Yes I contributed to the successful sales during the book fair. First picture are Kira's newest reading additions. So happy she loves to read. And grateful that the book fair did not have any Warrior books! I would have been broke then. She loves the Warrior series.

Here's Alex's stack! Yup... he made out pretty well too! It was pretty easy this year. I went with dogs for him. He loves to read about dogs and puppies so easy choices! And we needed the third installment of the Library Mouse series as well as Farmer Brown and Duck with Thump, Quack, Moo. The hardest part is not giving into him to read them all every night!! He does try though. If we did that, we'd have to start bedtime around 6pm!! LOL The small stack of Duck books to the right are from Kira. She has generously given them to Alex to enjoy.

oh yeah... in all the fun of book fair, I had a birthday. This year I celebrated the anniversary of my 29th birthday. I think I'll hang out at 29 for a bit. Telling people I was 28 was a bit of a stretch but thinking 29 is good. And look at that, my sweet daughter is giving me bunny ears!! Love her. Just a fun picture before we had my birthday cake!! yummy.

There we are. I needed help for all those candles!! LOL

Off to get some things done. (laundry) And figure out dinner. (laundry) And a nap, I could use a nap. (laundry)


  1. Man, you guys really did great with that book fair!! You aren't gonna believe this, but Taylan loves the Warrior books too!!! I'm not certain she would have, but there's a girl in her third grade class, can't remember her name, but the girl is the smartest in the class, she's seriously a prodigy, running circles around all the other 3rd graders. Anyway, Taylan isn't "too" far behind the prodigy, but T emulates the girl, so she started on the Warrior books because prodigy was reading them, and she's hooked. What kills me is the school library apparently doesn't have the 1st book, and our library system in Fort Collins I can officially say stinks like a wad of crap, so we haven't even attempted to get the first book from there. The libraries are catering to the dumbing down of America, and they've conspicuously removed some Shakespeare stuff to make room for soap opera books. It infuriates me beyond believe. Anyway, I'm not sure how Taylan is getting by with not knowing what was established in the first book, but hey, what's a mom to do? Love that she gave you the ears, that's adorable!!! OHHHHH, and Taylan LOVES dog and cat stuff, so she's completely enamoured with the Puppy Place books "even though they're really easy for me" LOL LOL

  2. Beyond belief!! Not beyond believe!!! Ugh!!