23 April 2011

easter egg hunt at rec center

oh the joys of having an egg hunt in the pouring rain!! Because of the lovely spring weather we are having today, the games were brought inside. At least the Easter Bunny stayed dry. The rest of us got soaked!! But it was all good.

We were standing in line to get our picture taken with the Easter Bunny and I asked Alex if he wanted his picture taken and he said yes. Then I told him he could stand next to him and he said no. He wanted to sit on his lap!! Talk about happy mommy moment!! He climbed right up and smiled so nicely.

We brought our own peeps to the egg hunt!! LOL Here's my parents trying to keep dry and looking like a couple of peeps. I love it!! It certainly made it easier to spot them cuz you know it's not good to lose the grandparents at the egg hunt. The kiddos would not understand.

Here is Alex before his big hunt. We were hanging under the gazebo waiting his turn. He was so excited him and daddy went out to wait in the rain for his turn.

Here's Kira waiting for her turn. She came out with us to help encourage Alex to do his best and get as many eggs as he could. Which he did. And so did my little miss.

Glad to be home and dry. At least for a few more minutes. I'm heading out to Walmart to pick up our Easter cake. I'll post pictures as it will have E.B. from the Hop movie on it!! woohoo!

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  1. So glad they had such a great time and huge smiles for the easter egg hunt!! Can't wait to see the cake too!