13 April 2011

happy birthday nana!

Kira had a half day of school today and it is pouring rain. We needed an indoor activity to entertain the troops for a bit. Enter the left over piece of poster board from the book fair and a new package of markers! Time to draw a greeting for Nana!!

The kids did a great job on it. I drew out the sentiment, they did the rest. Such proud artists! I am sure Nana will love it once she sees it. Posted on FB and sent her an email. Have to make sure she gets her wishes!!

Anyways... since it was POURING when I picked up both kids from school, their pants were drenched. And that means... jammie time. Yes it is the middle of the afternoon and they are in the cozy jammies. I'm in my never leave the house mom pants which is almost as comfy as jammies, but we are in serious hibernation mode today.

Looking forward to the sun coming out tomorrow. I hope they are not wrong about it. I have wood to finish staining!! And I need to decide if I should stain the unfinished wood side table. We've had it for about 5 years... guessing it's time! I'll clear it off tonight and drag it out to the garage tomorrow.

Have a great hump day!!

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  1. I can't believe I haven't come in here to say GREAT SIGN!!! Your kids are so happy, I just love it, their smiles light up everything!!