01 April 2011

cruel april fools joke

Yup... it happened at 5am today... the phone call from the superintendent saying no school today due to SNOW! Yes snow on April 1st. No joke. Here's what fell and landed on my parents car since they are visiting this week. Not a whole lot but it was quite heavy when the kids would have been on the buses. Better safe than sorry. Add another day onto our school year.

All this snow means my Book Fair is still going on! I was so hoping to have it done with and ready to be shipped out. Nope. One more day on Monday. But I really did need the extra sleep I got (after answering the phone)

During the Book Fair, the art teacher places artwork from every student in grades 1-5 onto the walls of the school. It is amazing to see so much talent and how proud the students are of their work. On Family Night, she runs a scavenger hunt where you have to find different things/ objects/ color combos ect in the art in the whole school. It gets pretty competitive too! All in good fun.

Here is Kira's artwork that is on the walls. Not too shabby. She loves to draw.

Here is the picture I have been wanting to post but have had no energy to post!! This is the sight that you see when you walk into the library. So many great books all available for purchasing! No wonder the kids go into sensory overload and forget their library voices!

Here is the Fair in the cafeteria/ gym for Family Night. I was standing at the cashier/ check out area. Lots more space to spread it all out and make it pretty! My wonderful fabulous hubby was so helpful that night in keeping the stock levels full and helping people find books and getting it all back into the library while I cashed out the three registers! He is amazing. Not sure what I would do without him (and never want to find out!)

This is from the cafeteria door entrance. The front table was all the books that were in the flier that was sent home with the students. Makes it easy when the parents come in and say... it was in the flier!! The second table back is the teacher baskets full of books the teachers would love to have in their classrooms. We emptied a few of them on Wednesday! So happy when the parents come in and want to help the teachers and the classrooms. Love it!

Today we have been pretty lazy. At least I have. I have finished folding laundry that has sat since I have been so tired at night. And almost found my floor in my office. I am hoping to actual sit and scrap.

Off to put in some Pirates of the Carribean. Think I'll start with one and work my way through. It seems like a Johnny kind of day. Hoping the rum isn't always gone in your neck of the woods!

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  1. Holy moses, her artwork!! Already with the shadows!! I still haven't gotten shading/shadows down!! Guess stinkin what???!!! We got SNOW ON TAYLAN'S birthday!!! Yes, snow flurries!!! I had to convince her that it was really special to get snow because that made it a unique day since we haven't had flurries in many weeks. Ugh. Whew. You do an absolutely amazing job with the book fair, holy moses, such organization!! There are people in our school district who wouldn't have thought of putting that table there containing just the flier books, that's stinkin brilliant!! I'd be a parent who walks in wonderful where the flier stuff is because I recognize that, then I'd move on to the other stuff!! I'm with you on the hubby thing, life feels like it would be bleak without m' man!! Just wanted to also say that the art teacher is brilliant too, for doing that scavenger hunt!