28 March 2011

first official day

Book Fair Day one down... whew.

Only three and a half to go. Oh yeah... throw in a crazy fun filled Family Night too!

I shall make it through this week.

I shall make it through this week.

I shall make it through this week.

It really wasn't that bad. Really. I'm just very tired right now. That could be making think I need to give this event up. The problem with that is, I have so much fun with the kids!! I love hanging with them. I love seeing the delight in their eyes when they get to pick out a new book of their very own. I love giving them the joy of reading. Makes me being tired seem very trivial. No rash decisions.

I was so busy today I didn't even get to take a decent picture of the book fair set up!! I need to do that tomorrow morning when I get in. However, right now this book fair lady is heading to the comfort of her bed. Along with her heating pad and some tylenol.

ps. we are up against our numbers for last year!! Check out our homepage!! ;)


  1. How cool that you even have a stinkin home page!! If I didn't just buy some from T's bookorder, I would sooooooo spend more mooooolah on books!!

    You shall prevail, lady, you shall prevail. You and I both know there's really kinda truly nobody who could do that stuff better!! And the love of hangin with your kids???? Can't beat that one bit!

  2. Hello there dear!! Keep on keepin' on, kay?!!! Just wanted to thank you for reminding me to say where I saw something about dew drop bug bodies, so I related the story here: http://alienanessa.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/do-you-remembah-what-momma-said/