17 March 2011

happy st patricks day to everyone

And a Happy Birthday to my best Alien bud. Figured I would get use to your new birthday!! Hope it was a good one.

Anywho... here are the kiddos all dressed in their greenish best for the day. Aren't they just the cutest?? Let me tell you... looks can be deceiving! ;) And I must mention how much I simply adore my little lady in her skirts with leggings! She has legs I would kill for! Not sure where they came from, but I'm glad she got them! You can't see it that great, but she wore her hair accessory!! And it looks like my lamp is tipped a bit. Need to check that later!

Here is another item of fun I needed my glue gun for... pinwheels!! oh my so fun to make, I couldn't stop! Of course it would have been easier to make them if I had used two sided paper but I like a challenge so I glued two pieces of paper together!! Nothing is simple with me! I got the idea and instructions from the Scrapbooks etc April 2011 edition page 30. I had to glue the wooden skewers to the pinwheels. I didn't need them to spin, less chance of little hands getting to them if they don't move!!

I picked up the pails at Target in the $1 spot. The material ribbons are from the very large stash I acquired from my mom's fabric closet on our last trip to Syracuse. We released much fabric that day to a better place. Which equals more room at my parents place. The flowers on the one bucket are made from some ribbon I had on hand. Found a YouTube video for them which was pretty darn simple to do!! Love videos that make me feel like I am a genius cuz I can do things!! The flowered flower (single one on the left pail) is made from material. I made it the same way as the ribbon ones. The grass is from an old Easter basket. We have a few for me to choose from. I went with purple. Love purple!!

Close up of a couple of the pinwheels.

The rest of the mantel. The bunnies are those plaster kits that you paint. My mom did them. When Kira saw them at her house, she fell in love with them and had to have them. I think my mom just wanted them out of her house!! So here they are!

For Christmas I filled these containers with cheapie ornaments, for Easter we use extra eggs. Yes I am a pack rat and yes I do save pretty much everything! Not sure why I save them as the Easter Bunny brings us new ones every year. Someday I'll release things.

Last little bit of decoration on the piano. More plastic eggs. Hope the kids don't get too confused on Easter morning and try to tear apart my decorations looking for their eggs!! LOL The tall jar was once used as a spaghetti holder, then it held my rice, now it is a decoration. See... I do not throw things away!!

Thanks for peeking at my decorations. Hoping I can find a couple other things I thought I had. Need to check out the loft again. So sad that I take better care of my Christmas stuff than the other holidays and I have a ton of stuff for all the holidays!! I need to work on that. Spring cleaning project!! Anyone up to help???

To my dear sweet Alien!! I received a large envelope from you today. You are too generous and so sweet!! Love the Hoops and Yoyo Valentines! I did not see them but glad they are now mine!! That ribbon rocks! Thank you for the Swiss dots embossing folder... kiss kiss!!! And the card... love the card!! I need to make me one like that as I have a new border punch... it's leaves!! I cannot wait to use it. As well as butterfly punches!! I see leaves and butterflies in my future. Thanks for the enabling... and for the goodies. Love you!!


  1. Okay, stinkin love the pic of the kids!!!!

    Totally LOL'd at the birthday message, hehehehehe thank you, you're adorable!!!

    Totally in stinkin love with all your fantastic decorations!! Okay, okay, okay, you've totally convinced me that you deserve and needed that dang hot glue gun! Yep, ya got me!! You were completely justified in needing it!

    And you have a P I A N O??????!!!!! When am I invited over to serenade YOUR kids to sleep?? haha kidding, I'd never do such a dastardly thing! Who plays? Me thinks we've never discussed that!!!

  2. Love the pinwheels. :) Love the kids..very very cute. :)
    I think you just need some Peeps around the house now..and some Cadbury eggs hiding in those plastic eggs..then you'll be all set.

  3. Happy St Pat's day to you too ! Those pinwheels look wonderful on the mantel in pots. And the rest of the decor is so cute