15 March 2011

feeling the shame

I am hanging my head here. Makes it hard to type, but it must be done. I am ashamed to admit something to you all. Yes it is a horrible thing I have done.


What you might be asking is making me so distressed?? I have discovered I am not the true crafter that I thought I was.

I spent two days looking for my hot glue gun. I was convinced it was in my crafting room here. Really, I thought it was here. Tearing things apart looking for it. Very stressful. Couldn't find it or the large pack of glue sticks that goes with it.

Finally decided to look in the garage loft. That took some time. Still couldn't find it. Almost gave up and headed to the store to get another one. But I KNEW that I had not thrown it out so it HAD to be around here somewhere.

Enter my wonderful hubby (love that man!!) He remembers that I had packed it up when I went through one of my many cleaning sprees in this packed room. YAHOOIE!! So back to the loft I went with a sense of purpose and....


Here is my shame... what kind of crafter packs away her hot glue gun?? Seriously. Who does that? Well I admit, it was me. I will go back to the ranks of amateur crafter hanging my head in shame.

Off to the corner with me....

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  1. Nope, not faulting you here one bit. I use my hot glue guns so stinkin infrequently that I've given them both to hubby...so now if I ask where one is, HE knows LOL!!! I got so tired of those dangling hot glue boogers that I now swear by all of Provocraft's (ugh, Provocraft, don't get me started on that one) Terrifically Tacky Tape. Now, that being said, if you'd told me that you can't find your ATG??? OMHeavens, I'd probably go to the post office right now and recall the package we just sent ya!! hahahaha no I wouldn't!!!