01 March 2011

ghost letters and flowers examples

Okay... I know I have used more than this but for the life of me I cannot find the pictures to share. I had a whole package of hearts and am now down to 5 so they are somewhere out there! I'll keep looking.

The blue flowers on the second page of this layout are the ghost flowers. I inked the backs and stapled them to the layout. BTW... this layout was for Nancy. I made one for myself as well since I had pictures of the kids in that same area from our trip. I need to get a picture of it to post it completed!!

And this one I just posted. I attached these letters with floss. Different kind of look, but it worked.

Sure wish I could find more to share with you all. But I think you can get the idea that they are pretty easy to use. Now I just need more of them!! Most of them that I now have I got on clearance at Joanns. Thinking they will not have them again. Very sad.

Off to feed the kiddos. It was a long drive home from Syracuse where we celebrated Alex's 5th birthday. It's a bit early but that was the best time for the family party. We'll celebrate here on the actual day. Good to see family and to see my BFF's new house!! Busy weekend but all good! Glad to be home!

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  1. Uh, ya, we're pretty glad you got home safely too!! What's his party theme this year? Did you already say that? Cause I'd nearly completely forgotten about the stitched ghost letters - those came out AMAZINGLY well!! And those two pages of Pooh LOL are just adorable!!! =)