18 March 2011

today rocked!

Kira did not have school as the teachers had a workshop however, Alex did have school. We dropped him off and picked up some donuts and hot chocolate and came home. I had to be on a conference call/ webinar for a bit so she played nicely and enjoyed her fun breakfast. No guilt as she wasn't headed to school!!

After my call, we headed out to pick up Alex and have some fun at the Open Gym at the Rec Center. There were a ton of kids (all the older kids who are usually in school) there so it was loud but fun. Not much drama and no injuries!! All in all, a great time. I snapped this picture of my kiddos. Simply adorable!!

After the Open Gym, my friend Nicole and her three kids, came over to play. It worked out good as we needed to give her youngest his birthday presents. Love when a plan works!! Again, lots of fun, not much drama.

We headed out around 4pm on a surprise for the kids. I had told Alex and he did very well not letting Kira in on the secret. He's so good!! We ended up at Chuck E Cheese!! We had a boatload of tokens and tickets from previous visits to use and turn in. Of course we had to eat and get more tokens... of course. ;)

The kids had a blast! Seriously a blast. They barely sat still long enough to eat their dinner they were so excited to get winning tickets. Not that we needed many more. We had a gallon storage bag full. Yes GALLON sized bag. Somehow we managed to slip more in and use all the tokens we had... whew!!

Then it was the fun of having the ticket chomper count them all. Here's a picture of our bag of tickets. For your information... this is what 3191 tickets looks like!! Yup, we had a few!

The kids ended up with a stuffed dog for Alex and a baseball hat for Kira. A giant outdoor ball for both of them. Then a bunch of small toys to use up the rest of the tickets. They were quite happy to have won all those tickets and gotten some good prizes. We have left a few times with the cheap toys that break on the car ride home. Nice to get some better things.

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  1. Ok, I honestly have never seen that many tickets spread over an amount of time, let alone all in one bag!! Wow!! OMG I totally LOL'd at the "break on the car ride home" - ain't THAT the truth!!?? You must have a much nicer C.E.C in your area; ours, which is super close to my work, is an absolute disgrace to the C.E.C corporate image. It's run by high schoolers, which normally I have nothing against, but how much business savvy could they possibly have? It's one of my worst nightmares to go to our C.E.C!! But the ones we've gone to in south Denver are decent. That pic of the kids is fantastic!