02 March 2011

not today

Okay, today totally got away from me. I had much to do and did not get the photos off of my memory card and onto my computer. On the positive side, I did get the house cleaned up and the stuff from our trip all put away. I picked up food to keep all of our tummy's happy (always a good thing), did some paperwork for the PTA and I got the baskets made for the PTA basket raffle (thanks to the helping hands of my friend Nicole. She came over with her kids and we cranked out 11 baskets!!)

Still working on my stationary one as I have yet to work on cards since before I left for Syracuse. Hoping to do a bunch tomorrow. After I take the kids to Chuck E Cheese for some fun. Gonna meet up with some of the moms and their kiddos to get the energy out of them and have some adult conversation!! Looking forward to that. oh yeah... have to get a gift card from Build A Bear for the other basket we are donating. Little by little they are coming together.

Anywho... my fun pictures of Alex's family birthday party are still trapped on my camera. I hope to get them off tomorrow. Really I do. Pinky swear.

1 comment:

  1. Yes please, yes please, oh please oh please we wanna see pictures!!! Can't wait!!

    Sure hope you have fun today!! Wish we were closer, you and Bill would have a blast together with adult conversation - I hope that came out right!! Bill tries to meet me for lunch each day to get in some mid-day convo!! =)