16 March 2011

why i needed the hot glue gun

It was for this fun project!! Kira decided she needed something for St. Patricks Day for her hair. The good news was that she didn't ask me the night before. You know the drill... everything is due the very next day as you are tucking in your sweetheart for dreamland! So happy about that!!

Anywho... when I was going through my mom's large closet of material last month, I happened across some clover fabric. The little light bulb went off once Kira asked for a hair accessory. I could make some of those adorable fabric flowers that are all the rage!! A few YouTube videos later and here's what I made!!

Pretty stinking cute if I don't say so myself!! I made an extra one for my friends daughter as well. Only burned myself a few times on the hot glue gun so that is a good thing. I also have a ton more fabric that I rescued from my mom's before mentioned fabric closet/ room. Thinking I can have a ton of fun with these flowers!! As long as my fingers hold out.

And a cute picture of the day from yesterday that I had to share! We were at Walmart and he got thirsty. What's a mom to do?? Buy a bottle of milk, of course. He drank half of it before we got to the van. That was just on the walk from the check out to the van!! He can really drink his beloved milk.

Working on a bunch of pin wheels for a Spring/ Easter display on my mantle. We'll see if it works out or not. If it does... you shall all see it. If not... it will be forgotten about and never mentioned again!!


  1. Your flowers turned out great! I always seem to burn myself when I use a hot glue gun, too.

  2. Dangit, I had this huge long comment post done and clicked the 'sign out' button instead of post comment...don't ya stinkin hate that? Anyway, absolutely adore the hair flowers, that material is completely wonderful; LOVE the picture of little man...mine was totally that way with milk too heheheh