10 March 2011

counting down till Friday

It has been a crazy busy week. I love when PTA events coincide with hubby leaving town... NOT! And it wasn't like he was gone for a day... no he has been gone since Sunday! I have had to drag my poor kids with me to every Turn Off TV event this week. Monday we had a picnic dinner at the school so they wouldn't starve! They have been such troopers and for the most part well behaved. Hard being in one spot for so long.

Anywho... last night was Chuck E Cheese fun time. I sat towards the doors to catch people coming in with my raffle tickets for sale and they ran around playing all the games and hanging with their friends. I kept dishing out the tokens at a small amount so they would have to check in with me and I would know they were still in the building! For the most part, they knew where the other one was the whole time.

I had the pleasure of holding all the tickets they were winning. Kira declared that the new Operation game was 'sick' (oh I am not going to enjoy having a pre-teen in the house) and she did win a boatload of tickets from it. Alex came up to me with a picture he had done which I thought was the sweetest thing ever. Then Kira came up with her picture... okay now we are tied for sweetest thing!! Then be still my beating heart... both of my children whom I wanted to hang on the walls with duct tape Tuesday evening, came to me and handed me this...

It is the best gift ever!! I didn't even ask for them to do it yet they did it cuz they know I like getting these during our visits. Makes a mommy happy. I do believe I shall make it through this week after all. Doesn't hurt that daddy will be home soon!! ;)


  1. Oh my holy goodness on a stick, that's the coolest story and the coolest pic EVER!! Awwwwww, I am smilin huge!! Be still my heart, that's just the awesomest best, wow. I so totally forgot that Dave was gone this week, jeepers criminy, I am so sorry!! YOU were a trooper this week too, dang!! For your sakes, I am glad this week is over though! But back to that picture, omg it's just the best, lucky uuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! =)

  2. Yep, back in here lovin on that picture - still can't get over what an awesome surprise this was!! =)