27 March 2011

state house field trip

Last Monday, I had the fun of chaperoning Kira's class trip to the State House in Concord. We also stopped at the History Museum, but pictures weren't allowed as freely as they were at the State House. It was a fun trip, until it started snowing!!

Here are Kira with her friends Maggie and Cedar. Aren't they just the cutest girls ever?? Adorable.

Here is the State House. It is one of the oldest in the country and it is the original building. Made from strong granite!! It is also very small so we had to be very quiet as it holds many offices of politicians working. Trying keeping fourth graders quiet... not an easy task!!

Governor John Lynch came in and talked to the kids and then sat with them for a picture. He enjoys talking with the kids and makes time in his day when they have field trips come through. The kids were very impressed.

Here they are in the house seats. They debated the seat belts on buses discussion. Pretty impressive to hear kids thoughts on this. They had the same concerns as the adults who are normally in these seats.

Then we got to go into the Senate chambers. Not as many seats, so some of the kids got to be spectators.

And this is how it looked when we were waiting for the bus in the safety of the State House... just a bit of snow!!

The kids enjoyed the trip and I learned lots about New Hampshire. Good trip for everyone!

Off to feed the kiddos and get them ready for bed. I'll be back to post pictures from Alex's Chuck E Cheese party. See you soon!!

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  1. Holy moses, what a fantastic trip!! Honestly I'm utterly amazed that the place is small! I too am impressed with your governor! How cool that he truly loves talking with kids that much! So many politicians get elected then become elitist, completely forgetting the "by the people for the people" thing!!! Great pictures, love how Kira's looking right at you in the governor photo!