03 March 2011

sonic in the house

This past weekend we celebrated Alex's 5th birthday with family and friends in Syracuse. Worked out since the kids don't have school this week so we could make it a little longer of a trip. His theme this year is Sonic the Hedgehog. He is in total love with him. We found the party stuff at Birthday Express. I got the email and ordered the stuff that day. Alex was quite happy we found Sonic stuff.

Here he is before the party. He was having a total blast playing with the balloons my mom picked up for him. I just love the joy in his eyes in this one.

Here's the Sonic cake. We picked up the figure at Toys R Us to put on the cake since the store couldn't print Sonic onto the cake (darn copyrights!) and this worked out good. Alex now has an extra Sonic figure.

Opening one of his presents. A Sonic backpack for him to take to school! He totally loved it... if you couldn't tell by the smile!

He adores the Marley books. We have taken this particular book out of the library at least four times. Now it is his and he doesn't have to return it. Love book sales!! And the fact that he is so excited about a book for a present!

This picture cracks me up. He was so into reading the box and finding out exactly what this game entailed. It soon became one of his favorites to play. Except when he gets sent back home. We're learning to deal with not always winning. Hard lesson.

Time to blow out the candles. Only took us lighting them twice for me to get a shot! He's such a good sport he didn't mind. Good cake too!! Wegmans rocks!

It was a good party. I also got a cute picture of me and my BFF but I highly doubt she would like it posted for all to see. I'll have to send it to her first. Of course we are wearing the same color top. We have been doing that for YEARS!! We would always end up with the same color on when we went out. One of us would change since it looked too silly. Nowadays we go with it.

I took some pictures of the cards I have been working on... that's tomorrow's post! Till then....


  1. Those pictures are fantastic!! He looks like he had the best bday ever! Any way you can ship me some of that cake? You know what, scratch that, just ship YOU out here! And the fam! Man, we would absolutely looooooooove to have some Foltz fun! Hey, is there any chance, and I know this is a big thing to ask, I know, but could you post a list of books the kids want or like -- maybe those two are synonymous -- but don't have? I'd love to get them some if we happen to be out and about and see a great deal! Whatcha thinka? =)

  2. Oh, and I love that picture, too, of the Trouble box in front of Alex's face - that's one of those that you can't even script hehehehehe!!!