20 March 2011

our busy saturday

After a busy week, what should a family do?? In our case, spend most of the day in the car running errands!! It was all good as we were together and the kids were pretty good at going to different stores and getting in and out of the car. Makes it easier.

Our first stop was to get my little man a haircut! He sure needed one. As adorable as he is with his scruffy trying to turn into curls hair... he is much more handsome all cleaned up with short hair!! I do believe he is a pirate in this picture!! We were waiting for our lunch at Kelly's Roast Beef.

I truly believe I do not push Alex to let us cut his hair at home so we can go to Snip it's in Peabody and then eat at Kelly's. It's good to admit these things. And even better that my faboo hubby let's us!!

Then we hit Pier 1 to pick up a couple of great photo holders that my BFF has at her house. They have theirs in their kitchen/ dining room area and they are wonderful for holding the kids art work and family snap shots. Love it!! I now have two and need to find a place to hang them!! They didn't look that big in the store (or at her house) but they are a bit bigger than I had imagined!! Soon as I get them hung, I'll post a picture of them.

Then to ACMoore to try and find a couple of frames for some of Kira's art work from her Painting Club. I checked online and their ad says that frames were on sale. Yeah... not exactly. The ones that I wanted, were not on sale. And I hadn't printed a coupon as I thought frames were on sale!! It worked out okay since I didn't have to pay Massachusetts tax on them. I'll use my Michaels coupons and get them there. And no tax!!

Then we hit Northshore Mall to go to Build A Bear Workshop. We were in dire need of stuffing two more animals. Now if you have seen my house more importantly, my kids rooms. You know that we really do not need anymore animals in this house!! But E.B. is so stinking cute!!! Don't you agree???

He is from the new movie HOP. I am so looking forward to taking the kids to see it. His face is simply adorable. How could we not get them for the kids? Yup... our house is the proud owner of two of these creatures. We got them the drum sticks to go with him. Alex has become obsessed with drums so he is perfect for him. And heck... Kira is all about the stuffed animals.

After all that fun, we picked up some cake from the Cheesecake Factory and headed to the grocery store. We needed some real food. Then home. It was a good day and glad I have such a wonderful family to spend the time with.

Today will be good as well. We are celebrating Alex's birthday since tomorrow we are busy from morning to night and we don't want to rush his fun. I'm sure once he gets his present, he won't mind celebrating a day early!! He will be the proud owner of a drum set. Yes I have given in and decided he should have it. He is constantly creating his own set out of whatever makes noise around here. I am sure he will be beside himself!! Pictures tomorrow!!

Happy Sunday everyone!!

ps. Hope you enjoy all the links. LOL Not sure why I got so link happy today.

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  1. hehehehe love the link-happy Terri! Man, you sure packed a ton into a day! That's so funny/ironic about A's haircut; I feel the exact same way about Braeden! I enjoy all his different looks, but when he gets a fresh haircut {happened last Thursday}, he just looks like the most handsome guy ever! Oh, and SHH got a haircut at the same time - and his wifey shows appreciation, oh ya!!!! Can't wait to see the photo holders, can't picture them right now.