25 March 2011

send in the marines!

I do believe I am lost. Please send help!

I have managed to fold most of the laundry that was living in the baskets. I need to fold the stuff that was hung to dry and is now just become part of the obstacle course in the family room.

I have gotten the elementary's school Book Fair set up (with some amazing help from a great group of moms and my honey). We had a successful Teacher Preview day with most of the teachers coming in and filling up their wish baskets of books they would like to add to their classroom libraries.

I have made sgetti sauce and it smells amazing. I love my slow cooker!! Dinner is coming quickly... thank goodness.

I think tomorrow is Saturday and I may get to sleep in. Maybe then I can find my brain somewhere. It has to be here.... maybe under that pile of stuff over there.

Oh wait... it think I saw it slinking behind the dishes that I need to put away. Dumb brain.

ps. I owe pictures and answers... I'll catch up tomorrow. pinky swear

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  1. Pictures and answers - we await with bated breath!! Crock pots are the absolute bomb, such a much better way of making soups too, without all that completely unnecessary, ridiculous, water-retaining SALT!! If you guys eat chili, I have the most amazing recipe for crock pot chili!