13 March 2011

the best girl scout cookie ever and a gift

Yesterday Kira and I helped out at her troop's cookie booth outside the local gas station. Thank goodness it was a pretty decent day with sun and a gentle wind. Haven't had too many of those around here, so it was nice. Kira got to dress up as a Thin Mint, her favorite cookie. We then went out to the grass patch by the road so she and another girl could wave at the cars. They had fun and we sold a ton of cookies!! She does make a pretty cute Thin Mint!!

This is the project I was working on a last week or so with the mod podge. Love the smell of mod podge. Anywho... a friend of mine was going to surprise her kids with a trip to Disney and I thought I could make her up a little vacation journal to record all the great memories they will be making. I mailed it to her with no time to spare! She left later that evening after receiving it! Talk about close. LOL

Anywho... here it is.... I think I got the journal at the dollar store or from ACMoore/ Joanns/ Michaels. I really can't remember just that I have had it for awhile! Added some Mickey/ Disney paper from my very large stash along with a ribbon. The Wishes do come true is a Jolee's set that was perfect for this project. On the final coat of mod podge, I added some very fine glitter. After it was dried, I ran my hand over it to get off any loose glitter. Worked pretty good. Pixie dust all set for the trip!

This is the inside cover (the back cover is the same) I mod podge'd all four covers to make sure it will withstand the travel and happy hands coming in contact with it. BTW... she loved it!! So happy.

me... I am happy that Turn Off TV week is behind me. Now to start working on the Book Fair. Guess I should get at it. Happy Sunday!


  1. OMG what a great gift!! That'll be great for all those signatures they'll get!! I do love the smell of mod podge in the morning hahaha Is there just administrative stuff to do for the book fair, or crafty stuff too? =)

  2. She gets any prettier and she'll be outlawed in ever state, good grief! Never even knew they have costumes like that, it's absolutely adorable!! Love it love it!

  3. And I meant EVERY state - sorry about that!