26 March 2011

broken pinky swear...

I feel awful about it too!! My day totally got away from me. Man... this stinks.

On a happy note, I did get to spend almost 5 hours alone with my honey tonight out and about!! We had a great date night. No movies we wanted to see so we went shopping for Easter. Yup... we are all set for that favorite of holidays!! I mean how can you not love a bunny that brings chocolate?? My kind of forest creature!

Anywho... tomorrow is Alex's friend party at Chuck E Cheese. Then I think I will have a minute to sit and load up some pictures to share. I have a bunch.

Sorry about breaking the pinky swear. Guess I shall have to endure the lashing of wet twill at dawn. (hanging head in shame)

1 comment:

  1. Unless you're somehow wanting all that torture and pain, we just aren't going to harm you for this one hahaha Sooooooo glad you got hubby time, that sounds like it was bliss!! Hey, how's your turquoise project life coming? Any photos to share? That package had better get there soon!