07 March 2011

quick recap

Tonight was awesome! We had some amazing volunteers help us out in serving the ice cream and making sure everyone was happy with their toppings. We also had helpers taking the money for the basket raffle and the donations at the door. They are the greatest!! It wouldn't have gone so great without them.

I do still have some more pictures of all the items in the basket, but here are some of the finished basket. It's really a bag instead of a basket. I received the bag from Bath and Body Works last summer and knew instantly what I would use it for. Thank goodness all I made fit in so nicely!!

2 post it note holders in the front bottom, Alien green friend exploding box behind them, 2-5-7-10 gift boxes on top of everything.

Side showing the lunch box notes (donated from Jackie!!) The blue is the Easter mini album I did a couple weeks back. There are some larger cards I had made a bit ago that found themselves donated to the cause.

On this side there are gift card holders in front of the exploding box.

Here is a better shot of the whole thing. Please pardon the terribly messy desk as I have been creating and not cleaning. I now need a major overhaul!!

My to do list from Sunday was completed. Whew... clean undies included. The PA announcements, I'll have to copy them tomorrow to share. The best part of them... Kira is reading the announcements this week anyways (Student Council members do this weekly) and it so happens to be her week! I am so excited. I couldn't have planned it if I tried. My photos taken sign did not come out nice at all so no, I am not sharing it. I was rushing and it's horrible but it works!!

Off to grab a bite to eat then off to dreamland. I am beat! I'll post more pictures tomorrow. Promise.


  1. Holy good moses, this is absolutely stunning! I look at that and can FEEL all the work you put into it! That is a giant bag of nothing but happiness, I couldn't love it more!!!! Wowy!! You did such a wonderful job, I hope you feel beyond proud of yourself!! <3 <3

  2. That looks like so much fun! You really did a great job!