27 March 2011

chuck e cheese birthday party (photo heavy)

Happy Birthday (again) to Alex!! This should be the last party he has to celebrate him turning 5. Lucky kid has had one family/ friend party in Syracuse, one family party at home, one class party and now one friend party at Chuck E Cheese!! I am partied out.

He had a great time today. He was wonderful with his friends and played a ton of games. This one is one of his favorites. He has to get up on the game to be able to move the bone up and down, but he does fairly well with it.

Look at that concentration on this game!! This one you have to time the releasing of the six balls to get them to land in the correct spot.

Here he is after he did it and won the bonus!! (thanks to my amazing hubby who captured these shots for me)

Now time to boogie! He does really well at this game. He gets jumping around and hitting the spots and has a fun time.

Time to be silly with our birthday crown!! Of course he discovered the 8 tokens that were tucked into the pockets!! He had to go back out and play!!

Here's his total ticket count for the day! The red tickets are from his time in the Ticket Blaster. Pictures of that fun below!!

The gang!! Behind Alex left to right... Ethan, Emily, Kira, Papa and Nana. In front of Alex left to right... Brian, Justin and Nicole. Watching the show and waiting for our food!

Cake time!! Hershey's chocolate cake. YUMMY!! Good job getting those candles blown out!

Time to dance with Chuck E. I love the look on his face! I think he was watching the disco lights overhead. So cute!!

His time to shine with Chuck E! What a great day we had!

Ticket Blaster time. Alex has been wanting to do this since he saw it on a commercial. He informed me once he saw it that he was going to do it at his birthday party. hmmm... didn't realize we were having a friend party. But we did!! LOL

This is his serious ready to grab those tickets face!

He actually got to do it twice since the goggles fell off his face once the air started. So he was ready the second time! Look at that smile!! I do believe that was the highlight of his day.

Thanks to Ethan and his mom Kathy for such a great gift!! Kathy made the dog house and food dish for Alex's stuffed puppies. How cute is that?? He brings them into school to play with and talk about them. Now they have a cute house to play in! Adorable!!

I think that is the end of his 5th birthday. whew... Hope we don't have to top it next year. I don't think my hips can take much more cake. LOL

Happy Sunday evening everyone!!


  1. LOL..love the dance and the goggles...he sure had fun!! I still find it amazing that he is 5! Weren't we just having your baby shower?!!! *sigh*
    I wish I could have been there...give him my love. :)
    btw...I have those goggles..but I don't get any tickets when I use 'em!! LOL!

  2. OMG look who posted a drive-by!!! None other than Tork!! I can't even believe that I've been keeping up with the Foltzes since Feb 2007!! I don't think he was even walking when I met you! The way our society works, it's almost sad that we spend each and every day with our kids, except for pictures {which, let's admit, not too many parents take a load of pictures of their kids - we've got about 7 families in the neighborhood like that}, we barely get to see them grow up, the changes are so subtle, really, that we don't get to really see all the steps. I'm not lamenting it, I was just thinking over the weekend, getting the train pics off the camera and onto the Alienware, how much my kids have changed and grown and become independent, and it all happened rather subtly over time. Hmmm, not sure why I'm waxing philosophical today, it's a very strange weather day in northern Colorado {NoCo}. The crown and the ticket blaster are waaaayyyyyy cool!!