20 March 2011

future drummer!

I had to share this picture of Alex from today. He was having so much fun with his drums it was enjoyable to watch. He was banging on them before Dave could even get them put together. We received many hugs and kisses and thank you's for giving him this set. I do believe we scored a home run!

He actually has some rhythm. Who knows... he could be the next big thing!! Isn't this how Justin Beiber started?? YouTube here we come! LOL

I'll share more pictures tomorrow after my field trip with Kira's class to the State House.


  1. Well, I can't stand one single, solitary thing about Bieber {did you hear what his stinkin FANS did after Esperanza Spalding won the best new artist grammy?? OMG, I was so happy to not be included in the list of those considered his fans}, and thankfully my kids can't stand him either. That being said, I would completely and totally get behind an Alex YouTube sensation!! We're having some interesting times in our household with rhythm, it's just not easy for everyone, is it? I wish it could be.

  2. State House field trip??? Also can't wait for those pictures!!!! =)