21 March 2011

happy birthday peanut!

We had a great time yesterday celebrating his birthday but so happy to have a little more celebrating going on today on his actual birthday! Yesterday included this large box to tempt him with.

He couldn't wait for us to bring it upstairs to begin playing with his drums. He's got some pretty good rhythm. He must get it from his dad, sure doesn't get it from me!!

Cake time!! Well it should have been cake time but for some reason, Walmart made me a cupcake cake instead. Whatever. His name was spelled right and it was the correct theme. I went with it.

Back to the drum playing! I couldn't resist taking a ton of pictures. I don't think he minded at all! My future rock star.

Today he received a fun Mickey Mouse singing card from us as well as a tube of mini M&M's (he loves those) and a new Littlest Pet Shop set of animals. Kira was also sweet enough to think of him on her field trip and got him a little puppet animal which I cannot for the life of me remember what it was!

I have to pick up Kira from Painters Club and bring her to Girl Scouts, then I will work on posting some pictures from her field trip to the State House today. Even though all I really want to do is fall into my bed and call it a day!


  1. Holy dang, if that's not the look of happiness, then I've never seen one!! I just wanna squeeze that little guy to...what? Not death, but still I wanna squeeze him pretty hard! Have you visited that cakewrecks.blogspot.com?? When I read what you wrote, 'his name was spelled right and it was the correct them' - I immediately thought of cakewrecks and how great it is that this didn't become one! And jeepers, these pictures totally call for that Rock Star glittered paper pack, eh??!! I am SOOOO glad you shared that he loves the mini M&M tubes because I forgot to send in your package to you a couple Edward/Jacob related things, so I can stick some tubes in there too! See? Sharing is caring - where that came from, IDK. Still love me?

  2. Should be "correct theme" not correct them. Ugh. Sorry about that.

  3. Just droppin by to see if there was a post tonight, saw the top picture and thought "Hello, little drummer boy!" and LOL'd. =)

  4. Hey, TeamShively mailed you a package last week, I think even on my new birthday, so if you don't get it soon, let me know so I can go on a rampage! Also, I don't know if you've played with twine on any of your projects, but I bought an entire roll of marachino twine from The Twinery and was wondering if you'd like some?