25 May 2011

exhausted wednesday

Much too tired to type much. Had a great evening out last night with the group of ladies whom I worked with for the Spring Auction. Turned into a late night (but totally worth it)

Got into bed around 11:30pm only to be woken up by my little man running a fever and coughing. Poor thing. Got him some medicine. Tucked him into his Tigger couch/ napper bed right next to my bed and tried to go to sleep. Nope, didn't happen as I was listening to Alex cough so hard. He finally fell asleep as did I... about the time my alarm went off. sigh.

Had to get moving as I was chaperoning a field trip for Kira's class. Got everything packed and headed to the school. Got my group and off to the buses we went. It was a great trip full of New Hampshire history. The kids are studying that right now. My sunscreen sweat off of my during the bus ride and I forgot to bring more so I am a happy little lobster/ raccoon looking creature. Yup... sunglasses on face all day.

Good news. The kids had fun. I didn't lose anyone and I took a boatload of pictures!! Always the best. This is one of my favorites from the trip. Something about the back of your kids head and the focus then becomes whatever is in the background... love it. That's the bridge in Portsmouth, New Hampshire heading into Maine. I know it has an official name but at the moment it has slipped my mind. I shall have to look it up tomorrow.

I am off to my jammies and a comfy couch. Going to try to make it through all the fluff of American Idol. We'll see if I survive or fall asleep. I'm beat.

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  1. Listening to a poor kid coughing all night is beyond tough on a mom, it's awful, pulls hard at the heartstrings. It's been almost a week, sure hope he's back 100%!!!