30 May 2011

memorial day

It was a hot one here today. I am so happy that they had the town parade at 6:30pm instead of at noon!! Don't think I would have enjoyed it as much. I'll post pictures tomorrow of my girl marching with her Girl Scout troop. I'm beat and need to hit the bed as the regular week will start again tomorrow.... is it June 22nd yet?? School will never be out! grrrrr

Anywho... lots to do this week. With hopefully lots of pictures to follow! Wish us luck on the possible painting of both the garage and the house. Along with replacing the falling off trim around the garage doors as well as replacing the side door on the garage and the side entrance door of our house. Looking forward to getting rid of the glass in the doors. AND getting dead bolts installed on both of them. Long week ahead of me.

On the sharing front... we did manage to get the deck furniture out of the garage yesterday before we all felt too sticky and gross from the wonderfully HOT weather. We also got the winter cover off of the sandbox. That was a bit interesting as there was a small family of mice living in the sandbox!! Seriously... who does that?? I screamed a bit as I was so not expecting anything living in there (maybe a spider or two) but mice. Nope. Didn't see that coming. Poor hubby was behind the extremely large winter sandbox cover and couldn't see why I was screaming, until he peeked around. The good news... they ran off the deck pretty quick (probably under the deck) and hubby cleaned the nest and rest of their belongings out of the sandbox. They have been evicted. I'm a bit scared to move the summer sandbox cover. I don't want to see them again. eeeek. I don't do wildlife well. The summer cover fits better than the winter but we'll see. I may have to hire the neighbors cat for some mousing duty.

Pictures tomorrow. Not of the mice... parade and whatever else strikes my fancy!!

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  1. Hello dear, I apologize for not getting in here last week to comment. Hubby and I conversated yesterday about how I feel that we are getting far less done with me home 24/7 than we did when I worked!!!!!!! Wha'?????????? Don't tell anyone, but I managed to blogcomment a whole lot more at work!! :0

    Don't yell at me, but.............Parade pics?