31 May 2011

parade pictures

And because she asked so nicely.... here are the pictures from the town parade yesterday Alien!! Of course everyone else can look at them... but please wait for Alien to look first since she did ask for them. *giggle*

Here's my little guy before the parade. He was a posing fool while we waited. We were at the very end of the parade route. It ends at the cemetery across the street from our house. Works good for us!! So we had a bit of time to kill before anyone crossed our path. He loves doing these wacky poses for me when I have my camera.

This is Kira's troop. I would love to point her out to you... but she is not here. I was concerned that they had lost her during the parade. Seriously wondered where she was. The Brownie troop behind them is headed up by my friend Nicole.

Oh look.... there she is behind the Brownies. She was walking with her friend Maggie who is in another troop in the town. Should have known that is where she would be. Can't blame her. They did have a play date earlier in the day. Oh in case you are wondering... she is the one with the floral skirt on looking at the camera. LOL Her troop leaders are the two of the ladies behind her. The one with the sunglasses waving and the one in the black shirt. They are amazing. I am so happy they are still working with the girls. Love them!!

Here's her troop. At least some of them. Not everyone marched. Good group of girls.

Here's Kira with her friend Maggie. Had to get a shot of her patches on the back of her vest. Nana works hard to get them all on. Those ones are NOT iron on and mommy sewing... not a good thing. Much safer to let Nana handle that. I do know my limits and sewing patches is beyond me!

Today I did manage to get the front bed uncovered from the dead leaves and weeds. I am SORE! Need to pick up some mulch and maybe a couple plants to fill in the spaces of the ones that died over the winter. I'll write that on the shopping list for tomorrow when we hit Home Depot for two new doors. Nothing like stuffing the van full when the kids are at school. :)


  1. Love the pics, love that those are great girls!! I don't envy how sore you are, but am sorry you are LOL Know the feeling ugh! I'm lucky I know how to sew paper, let alone fabric. And to think that back in 8th grade Home Ec and then all through high school, I could sew circles around people and all that knowledge went to the outhouse when I wasn't looking and fell in!!

  2. I remember my GS vest....I was lucky my mom knew how to sew my badges on :) I think at one point though, we earned a badge for learning to sew our own badges on!