04 June 2011

checking in

Man... it's been a busy one. Remind me to not let hubby take a week off. He has been working me like a dog. Oh sure... it's all stuff that needed to be done around here and yes it's looking good. But I am tired!!

Most of the garage has been painted. The front top half needs to be painted. It's really really high and it's been very windy so I can't blame hubby for not wanting to end up on the driveway covered in paint. And the side by the deck needs to be finished up.

Good news. The side garage door is in. Looks amazingly wonderful. You'll have to take my word and I am not uploading pictures tonight. LOL The trim around my garage door looks great. We'll finish his side up tomorrow. We got sidetracked putting up the basketball hoop. Took us long enough. We've had the thing for almost three years now. Yup... we're slackers.

Looks like next weekend will be house painting time. Let me tell you... I cannot wait for that bit of fun. If you're in the area... why not stop by and lend a hand. We've got plenty of brushes, rollers and even a paint sprayer. We're buying after!! ;)

Pictures to follow soon. Hubby goes back to work on Monday!! Then maybe I can clean the inside of my house. It's a wreck!

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  1. Hello love, just thinkin about ya during all that climbing ladders and schlepping paint cans here and there and cleaning and scraping and taking a break and wishing I could be helping you!!