08 June 2011

last week's project

Let me tell you how happy I am that hubby is back to work and I can relax a bit this week. Especially with the heat and humidity that has found it's way to our door. Is the garage finished? Nope but for the time being it is much better than it was.

Here it is with the one side that faces the house completely painted and about half of the front painted. We also removed the trim around the garage doors as it was rotten and looked HORRIBLE!

Here we are as the after shot!! There is some touch up painting that has to be done around all the doors as we had to caulk everything back up. New basketball hoop for the kids. Somehow we lost the net so we'll be having to pick up another one. We replaced the side entry door. It used to have a nine pane window in it and was also rotting out at the bottom. New steel door with a dead bolt!!

The garage doors will have to be painted as they look horrible now with all the new paint. I'll work on that once I can get back out there. Painting in the humidity is not high on my list of fun activities!

I have to paint the trim around 2 windows and finish up the side next to the deck. But I am so happy with how this is coming out. We now look like we care about our house. Just wait until we paint the house!! The neighbors will faint.

Off to pick up Kira. And I have to make some mini cupcakes for her birthday celebration in class tomorrow. Really don't feel like being in the kitchen with the oven going but it has to be done. I promised.

I cannot believe she will be ten tomorrow! oh my word... where has that time gone??? My baby. sigh.


  1. KIRA!!!! I am sooooooo sorry I didn't get in here yesterday to properly wish you a happy birthday!! With a mom like yours, I KNOW it was great! Double digits too!!! That'll be MY daughter next year, so let me know what you think of 10!!

  2. Crap, got all twitterpated about forgetting Kira's birthday that I forgot to mention how great the garage looks!! LOOOOOVE the part about the neighbors faintin at the prospect of yer house paintin LOL