16 June 2011

almost friday!

Here's a couple of pictures from last week. First one is of Kira from her Court of Awards ceremony for Girl Scouts. So cute. If she keeps growing at the rate she is... That vest will be tiny on her at the end of next year!

One night while I was reading to Alex, we heard some animal making very loud noises in the front yard. Almost sounded like a bird or a bat. Then there was two or three of these animals making noise. Lovely... what woodland critter is hanging in my front yard?

Come to find out it's this little lady and her babies. We're not sure if they fell out of the tree or fell off her back when she was bringing them up or down the tree, but they were lost and she was calling to them to get them back to her. VERY LOUD!! I never knew that raccoons made noise, much less the loud ones that this little family was making.

It took us a bit of time to find the source of the noise as the front tree area needs some major professional work (one of the trees broke during the wind storm in February 2010 and the parts that got cut off were left for us to dispose of by the power company) But we found her. Hubby continued to watch her while I got the kids to bed. Then he told me that one of the babies had gotten hit by a car on the road. Why the raccoon had to cross the road is beyond me, but she did. I felt horrible. He said that the hurt one kept walking up and down the road on the side calling to his mommy. Very sad.

The next day (and when hubby got this picture) we found the baby in the front yard very near the tree base. He didn't make it. The mommy kept coming down the tree and going over to it. Very very sad. Hubby got rid of it when he mowed the lawn. In the morning, we found another one in the road, very run over. I want to tell this mommy to keep her babies in the tree, they are not ready to cross the road. But nature knows what it is doing and it is not up to me to repopulate the raccoon population in Newmarket.

Isn't she cute?? And pretty big. I never knew that raccoons could climb trees or that they would nest in the tree. From the looks of things, we REALLY need to get that tree removed once she is gone. Looking a little dead to me.

Hubby was by the driveway when he took these pictures. Plus it was getting to be dusk so many of them did not come out great. This spot is WAAAAAYYY up high in the tree.

Looking forward to Friday and the weekend. Been a long one here and happy that the kids have been good and not too crabby.

Oh yeah... Kira had her well child check up yesterday. They say she is doing a great job taking care of herself. She grew 3.75 inches since January! I know I have her record from last year somewhere around here. I'll have to see how much she has grown since last June. It's got to be a lot. Her pants have shown me she has grown. That girl has got some legs on her!

And the best news... the title came for hubby's old car so we can sell it off and get it out of the driveway and onto it's new owner.

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  1. Lady, she is so beautiful!! Don't you love beautiful daughters!!!??? We are so fortunate, yet we are in SOO much trouble as they get older! I need a caveman baseball bat since we don't have a gun to ward off the male doofuses!

    We used to live in this 100 year old house in Castle Rock, Colorado, and actually, the actual Castle Rock was right out the office's window! Anyway, we had one of the biggest raccoon rodent problems ever. They gave US trouble because the neighbors didn't care if the things knocked over the trash cans and had a feast. Ugh, they're such gross creatures and hell bent on causing attic havoc! Hopefully yours don't make it into the house or find a compromising hole in the foundation!! Animal control had to come out once a week to cart one or two off to faraway open space!!!