10 June 2011

lots of pictures to share

We've been busy around here. We had to celebrate a certain little ladies 10th birthday. Yes 10!! Double digits and everything. Where have those years gone? I can remember being pregnant with her (and very uncomfortable as her foot was wedged under my rib cage) Now look at her... practically in college. Okay, slight exaggeration, but you understand.

Here's one that she took of us last night before dinner.

We took cupcakes and juice into school to celebrate her birthday. Can you tell how much Alex simply adores his sister?? The Pooh ear headband says Happy Birthday and mommy has a matching one which I did wear into her class. I'm the silly mom now. Her Chuck E Cheese medallion from her 7th birthday and her Happy Birthday pin from Walt Disney World that we got in 2008 when we 'faked' having her birthday. I know we will never be in Disney during June (been there done that- too hot) and we wanted her to enjoy the attention. She did. No harm, no foul.

Today was field day at her school. Complete with a parade of all the classes. Here's a group from her class. Left to right- Maggie, Cedar, Kira and Camille.

Then it was time to take Alex to school for his last day of preschool. I dropped him off and ran home to shower so I could get back for the ceremony. Made it!!

Here he is with his certificate. He's now ready for kindergarten!! Too bad mommy isn't.

Waiting for the ceremony to begin. Such a handsome little guy.

And then tonight we have Kira's Court of Awards for Girl Scouts. More pictures!! I could really use a nap. Wonder if I can sneak one in sometime today. Probably not. Shucks.


  1. Happy birthday, pretty girl, and happy grad, awesome guy!! Those pictures are wonderful, I absolutely adore the one of you two girls!! I sure miss your smile and laugh!!!!!!!

  2. BTW = my droppings are much nicer!!! hehehehehehehe