19 June 2011

happy father's day!

Hoping it's going to be a good one here. Right now both of the kids are on my nerves and daddy is still asleep. I don't think Kira got enough sleep so she's a little whiny. After breakfast she should be better.

Here's my kiddos at Friendly's from last week. We went there after Kira's annual check up. It was a reward for being good for me while hubby was out of town for work. Plus I know that they eat pretty much everything on their plates to get the ice cream at the end!! Love that. Sometimes they can be so sweet and loving... and then the tween emotions come into play... eeeek.

Look at the shagginess that is Alex's hair!! oh my word! In all fairness, his last haircut was in March so we have been slacking in that. Scroll down to see the new and improved summer do for my little guy.

Much more better!! Handsome little guy, ain't he?? He won't let them use the trimmers so they have to use scissors. She did a great job getting it that short. You wouldn't know it by looking at it, but his hair is THICK!! She was cutting and cutting for awhile to get it that short. Now he is ready for summer. I should take Kira somewhere to get a trim... looking scary on the ends. BTW... haircut for Alex means Kelly's Roast Beef for mommy!! I love how that works :)

Waiting for hubby to wake up so we can give him his presents and some family love. He deserves to sleep in a bit. Long week for him in St. Louis. Glad to have him home- we missed him.

Happy Father's Day!!

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  1. Love those pictures!! Did Dave have an awesome day? I'll bet you guys are so relieved that despite his job in a retail environment, it sounds and looks stable big time!!!