14 June 2011

happy birthday to my munchkin

The weekend went by so fast! We spent most of Saturday cleaning the house and getting things picked up. The kids tried to stay out of our way and not make a mess behind us.

Sunday we had Kira's friends party at Chuck E Cheese. We offered to take any kids with us so the parents wouldn't have to drive too far for a drop off and pick up party. I ended up with five girls in the back of my van for the ride out and four girls and one boy on the way home. Can I tell you how LOUD fourth grade girls are?? Holey smokes batman! I turned the captains seats around in the van (Chrysler Town and Country) so they could all see and face each other. Worked well as all I had to do was concentrate on driving. Hubby drove his car there with Alex. They had a nice quiet ride both ways!!

The party was wonderful. The only problem I have with the parties is that they do not give nearly enough tokens to the kids to play for 50 minutes!! They get 20 and are expected to keep entertained until the food is ready. Not happening! I purchased a few more tokens and handed them out through out the day to keep them playing games and having fun. At one point, one of the guests said I was a cool mom since I kept handing out tokens. Neato!

Kira is totally into Pokemon and the trading cards. And her friends know this! She now has quite the collection of cards to play with. I am very proud to say that she did give quite a few duplicates to her brother. Very sweet of her.

Here's my girl with her friends at the party. My Alex and my friends two boys didn't get in the picture. They were busy with the games. It was quite a challenge keeping up with everyone. I didn't play a single game but had a great time.

I was sooo tired that night. I fell asleep holding Alex in his chair at bedtime. Hubby had to come in and wake me up before I started snoring too loudly and woke Alex up.

Yesterday poor Alex got sick in the car on the way home from picking up Kira. It was EVERYWHERE!! He did good and didn't freak out, Kira... totally freaking out. That's my girl. He's gently trying out some dry Cheerios and ginger ale this morning. (no not mixed together) He got sick once more when we got home but has been good since then. He even managed to eat a bowl of cheerios (dry) last night.

Off to work on some Thank You cards for a friend of mine. I have 15 made and have a few more pieces of paper I pulled to use so we'll see how many I end up with. Have a great one!

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