23 May 2011

start of the week

Let's see if I can be better about creating and blogging, shall we?? We'll start with today and see how things go. So far so good. I finally finished up a little something that will be sent out hopefully on Wednesday. Stickles are drying on it now so there might be a picture coming tomorrow.

Until then, I shall share a couple of pictures from last week. The first one is Kira with her BFF's Michaela and Cedar. This was at the chorus and band field trip that my faboo hubby went on so that I could take Alex to his kindergarten visitation. He took some amazing pictures. I have taught him well over the years. :)

Each of the girls is now sporting a butterfly mood ring from Michaela. So darn cute. Love these girls.

And can't leave my boy out! He has once again started wearing mis-matched socks. He had stopped for awhile but is now back in the habit. Yes those are his summer sandals. He loves them and insists on wearing them. Not a big deal so I let him.

We were at Build A Bear Workshop picking up a few more stuffed animals (since we have none) and I had to get this shot of his feet. He uses both feet to make sure the stuffing really gets into his animals!!

Today is speeding by quite quickly for me. Of course I have been running around since around 5am when Alex woke me up to let me know he wet his bed. sigh... I'll be remaking his bed shortly and putting the large quantity of animals back in their proper locations. He makes sure to let me know when I put them in the wrong spots. Glad someone remembers!

Kira is still on her "testing her boundaries" kick. How many times do you have to slam your head into the wall before you realize that wall is not moving?? I think it's going to take her a bit of time. Good thing she has a hard head.

And happy for us, this is the first Monday in forever that Kira has NOTHING scheduled for after school. Woohoo! Seems strange to not be thinking of how to get dinner, bath and homework into our small window of time before bed. We'll be lounging around tonight looking for things to do. LOL

Off to finish my stickle project. If you're good, I'll post it tomorrow. Till then....

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