18 February 2014

that mule is not drinking

No I have not changed my mind on the school issue in our town. But I wanted to show you what the "vote no group" is putting up in our fair town.

One can take an intellectual leap and figure out these signs are being distributed by the group calling themselves Newmarket Citizens for Responsible School Solutions (NCFRSS).

My first thought was one of sadness. Not only for those people who created the sign, placed the sign and are still thinking that a no vote is good for our town, but for those people who may be on the fence or uninformed and how they may be talked to by the NCFRSS. 

That is why I am part of the vote yes group. Newmarket Solutions is a group for those who can see that having a new school will help Newmarket.

You cannot force people to believe what they do cannot see. To this end, I would like to challenge each and every no vote person to take a tour of the Newmarket Junior/ Senior High School- TODAY!! It is your right as a taxpayer to check things out. You don't want to have the superintendent or the principal as a tour guide, ask for a student. Don't trust them either? How about the amazing caretaker of the building Bob French?

While on your tour... 
(there are more than these issues but let's work with these)
  • Walk through those hallways, two maybe three people wide, looking at the mismatched lockers in the halls that are missing doors or cannot lock. Picture students trying to get into these lockers during the block breaks and the back up that is caused. 
  • Look at the size of the classrooms that will have to hold 21-25 students in the future. 
  • Check out the asbestos filled ceiling tiles, flooring and chalkboards in many of the 1965 rooms. 
  • Imagine trying to get up a stairwell in the five minutes between classes when the wheelchair lift is in service and enjoy the non-stop beeping that goes along with the lift for the entire FOUR minutes it takes to go up and  FOUR minutes to go down. 
  • Walk down the wood floors to the library and enjoy the peace and quiet of that room that is right next to the band room. 
  • Also check out the special ed room that is located off of the library that has to hold two groups of students at the same time each learning different topics. 
  • Perhaps the arts is more your style, check out the art room. It is HALF the size that is recommended by the Department of Educations size requirements. Also enjoy the warmth of that room and imagine being in there while the kiln is running. 
  • Do you have to use the restrooms while on your tour? There is one set of restrooms for each floor. Six stalls for the girls in the school building- three on each floor. Boys have six urinals and two stalls total for the two floors. Prisoners have better accommodations.
  • What separates the Junior and Senior high school students? A set of double doors on the second floor. 
After your tour, tell me that the building is perfectly fine. Tell me where they can add rooms for a renovation. Tell me it is not the building that determines a child's education. Tell me that fixing the fire and life safety issues will make that building something you personally are proud of having in your town.

Try it.
I will tell you that you are a liar.
Not only to me but to yourself.



  1. I tell you what, we've been looking for a change. I've been reading every single post of yours about this school issue, and you can tell the No voters that I can absolutely, positively guarantee you that the middle/high school in your town IS SCARING PEOPLE AWAY!!! I would looooove to live by my awesome friend Terri, that would be spectacular, but holy crap, those No voters scare the holy living peeeee out of me. They're so completely illogical, that what? Do they just ENJOY saying no for the sake of having "someone" in town say NO??? I have yet to hear WHY they are saying No. And I'm talking a substantial reason or reasons that would put the Yes people on the spot. I DARE the No voters to come up with ONE solid reason they can give ME, someone considering a move up there, for NOT improving that stinkin' school. It's a blight on your town. It's shameful. It's anti-education, pure and simple. Only the devil knows the depths of the depravity of the No voters.

    1. This is the frustration we are faced with but hoping for a victory March 11th!! And OMG!!! TeamShively moving out east??? Be still my beating heart!!