15 February 2014

school timeline

Another school related post. 

We have 25 days to get the word out to all those undecided voters and possible "not firm" no voters. There is much going on in our town during this time and it is amazing to see how people can come together to educate with facts instead of scare tactics. Love my little town and happy to call myself a resident of Newmarket, New Hampshire!! 

Check out Newmarket Solutions for loads of great information on everything that is going on to support the new school. As well as what this group has been doing over the years.

The below graphic is AMAZING!! Take a peek, I'll wait.

Seriously, love that all this information is now located in one place for everyone to see. You may not want to agree with it, but this is what has been happening with our school over the years since it was built. Can you see all the 'band-aid' fixes??

A new school building is the last option. All other options have been tried and have failed- both with our voters as well as other towns' voters. There is always talk that there are other options that have not been explored... yet these options are never brought to the light of day- only the statement that not all options have been explored. Talk is cheap- SHOW NEWMARKET THE OPTIONS THAT YOU ARE SAYING ARE AVAILABLE!

I love this picture of the new school. Look at all that space for teaching our students! No more sharing of classrooms, lockers that work and space within the classrooms to properly educate our children for the future. What a great legacy we can leave to future generations of this town by building the new school!

As a parent who picks up my child at the elementary school, it fills my heart to see students in both buildings looking at the architects' plans for this building and getting excited. They want to go to this new school. That feeling is worth my taxes going up. 

I do love this little quote. And not just for this situation but for life in general!

Please come out and vote YES on March 11th. If you will be out of town, request an absentee ballot. Every vote needs to be cast. Offer to drive someone to the polls, email and talk to your neighbors, post on your social media page/s, write letters to the editors and help at the polls by holding signs and talking to voters on March 11th before they head into vote. 

Time to rock this vote Newmarket! 


  1. I really appreciate that graphic. I looked at everything on it. I can't imagine everyone in that town - unless you've got a bunch of self-entitled old-a$$ curmudgeons who wouldn't spend money on anything but their own pleasures - getting totally behind this. I can't believe No voters are ok with looking at the kids in Newmarket and saying, "Ya, well, you just aren't important enough. Deal with the status quo because we're all stoogy OLD people in our thinking."

    1. I am totally in love with you Alien!! <3