20 February 2014

sometimes she surprises me...

... and I am totally blown away by her love and her talent.

My sweetheart of a daughter created the image below for me for Valentine's Day. She is an amazing artist and I am beyond happy that Santa brought her the drawing tablet for Christmas. Great call there big guy!!

It is her and me. She made me have purple fur and eyes. Yes she does know me so well!! I really need to get more of her artwork printed and hung. Or maybe a coffee table book?? That would be so wonderful! We keep telling her that she is going to love working for Disney Animation after college. I cannot wait to see her name on the big screen as an animator. Yup, I totally see it happening. 

This image is now my computer wallpaper as well as on my phone. Makes me very happy to see it.

And in case you were wondering.... wink wink....

1 comment:

  1. So apparently we've got some artists on our hands. What say you and I try to market our children to the art galleries and pursue more interesting exploits, such as vacationing more often than being at home. Ya, that kind of relaxing sounds just about right. Awesome job, Kira!!!