23 February 2014

we are living the movie 'frozen'

OMG!! Seriously does anyone need this much snow? Okay besides the obvious North Pole region and for the crazy people who enjoy this white stuff. I am officially over winter at this point. Do we really need a storm every week? I am answering a big fat NO!! Knock is off Queen Elsa! Think warm and loving thoughts for a bit for us.... thanks.

I took these pictures on February 19, 2014 because the sun finally came out!! BUT... I have to mention that at 3pm it was snowing like crazy again and gave us another three inches of the white crap. Here is Alex trying to figure out how to climb this snowbank in our front yard BEFORE school!! I was quick enough to stop him in his tracks. He was disappointed but the boy was not wearing snowpants!! Silly kid.

Our political signs that we keep having to uncover from the wonderful plows doing their jobs! Yup, this is our snowbank at the end of our driveway! Little tall.

Here is part of our backyard with the deck somewhat showing up there. And yes I know, it is in desperate need of a complete staining. Hoping this spring will be the time I can finish it and get it the way I want it.

Rest of the backyard. Can you see my poor clothes lines?? They are not able to be used at this point. Unless I hang baby stuff up which I do not have any of!!

Front of the house. The snow that is right up to the door, is on the top step of our entry! Good thing we have that side door to come and go.

These little twigs are the tops of my Rose of Sharon bush that is in the front flower bed by the road. That is the only part of that bed that is showing itself to the world. Where is spring??

This is a tree that was a small little seedling when my dad transplanted it from my brother's place in Maryland to our place. I was not planning on it getting so big. It needs to go but then again the whole front of the house needs major work. Hoping we can do some of it this year. We need some curb appeal!

Looking into the backyard from the side door. That's my garage door that's open. I took the pictures after I dropped Alex off at school and was heading into the house. Hopefully in the spring Alex can take advantage of that basketball hoop and do some practicing of his shots.

Standing in the same area but looking between the house and the garage. Just a bit of snow mounded up there. We have to keep it that way or the garage floods and the house ends up a tad damp when everything melts.

Yup. We are done. Good part is that warmer weather is on its way. As long as it isn't too drastic and we get flooding. Seems there is always something!!

And if you are a Newmarket resident....

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  1. Holy moses, lady, that is just simply a crazy amount of snow. That is ludicrous. It's beautiful too. Man, you guys sure make that snow look organized!!!