22 February 2014

valentine's day continues

Once again I called on my sweet Silhouette machine, Sybill to help me cut some hearts and she was more than happy to oblige. These first two were created with the negative that was left over from cutting the hearts that are in the next set of cards. Yup, I thought I was all that and a bag of chips!! I also sprayed the fronts of the cards with a gold mist from Heidi Swapp. Love that stuff. 

And here are the hearts! I love that some of them have the 'reflection' on them while there are others that do not. I have a ton of hearts leftover. I can see them going onto some lunch box note cards in the future. Yes that would be a reference of things to come. These cards I spritzed with the silver mist from Heidi Swapp. Kira liked these ones the best and chose to send it to her friend.

This is what the inside of all of these cards look like. Obviously the hamburger folded cards are facing the other way but they are done the exact same way. Happily using two different sets of Studio G acrylic $1 stamps and some washi tape. 

I say obviously since I totally messed up and made them all to fit into the hot dog folded cards. Seriously yes I did!! I was so proud of myself for doing the insides and then went to put the cards together and realized that I totally made a huge error. Of course I had put everything away and had to drag it all back out to make the insides over. Such is my life.

Hope you had a great Love Day!!

PSA.... Newmarket Peeps- please remember to vote and get the word out to everyone you come across in town. It is scary that some people do not realize that the Oyster River tuition agreement is off the table.


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  1. Good heavens, woman, I can't get enough of that sparkle, no thanks to you!!!! Loooooooove!!