28 February 2014

R E S P E C T one another

*** the below post is my opinion only and not the opinion of any other individual and/ or group ***

The following Bitstrips show how respectful the No voters are toward the Yes voters in our town.

 There was an editorial from the Seacoast Media Group in the paper (who are not based in our town or live in our town or have a horse in this race) stating what a bad idea it is for our town to build a school. Sorry. Unless you live here, you do not get a say on what is a good or a bad idea for Newmarket. So why would we give it an ounce of thought as to what they say?? Guess that made the No voters upset.

This one really scares me to no end. Shooting a television? What is next -- supporters on Main Street? People coming out of the polls on March 11th? This Bitstrip is very offensive to me. Almost to the point of feeling bullied by it.

Funny- I feel the same way about your posts.

They are stalking our signs to see where they are in town. I hope this doesn't show guilt over the vandalized signs in town. Maybe they went around and uncovered them in the snow storms as a kind gesture?

This could be flipped around to be "the Yes side is picking on the No side." As this is how they seem to be most of the time- crying foul and slandering our cause. If anything is said that is against what they believe in- they scream "bullying" and "unfair" tactics.

Yes they are popping up. However they are two and three in one location. Like that this one in the Bitstrip is in red which is the Vote Yes colors. Freudian slip much??? 
(and they do not have a group name/ individual name on them which is against an RSA which I do not have handy at the moment)

These Bitstrips were pulled off a No voters Facebook page. (I am not friends with this person- the wall is public) All had comments from other No voters saying how funny they were, how hilarious the author was, and that these comics were so true. I am posting them here to show how grown up and mature these life long residents are towards others who do not share their opinions.

I do not want to be associated with that group in the least. Please join me in voting yes on March 11th. The new school is the only option left.

Opinions are mine as this is my blog and I can post what I want on it.

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