24 February 2014

february vacation

It is once again that time of the year where we get a glorious week off. It has been a long time in getting here. It seems like FOREVER since we had Christmas break, and it really hasn't been. Must be all that snow that we had and continue to look at.

oh yeah... we are expecting more on Wednesday??!! I am not expecting it and would not be disappointed if it missed us. The only good part if it does snow, we won't miss school!!

I do believe we will be laying low and having some indoors kind of fun and laughs. We all need it. I see naps and lazy days ahead of us..... ahhhh looking forward to it. (and some scrapping!)

**SCHOOL UPDATE**-Sunday it was discovered that the boiler at the Junior/ Senior High School stopped working. NICE. More money thrown at this aging building as a band aid when what it really needs is a bulldozer and a wrecking ball! Best part about that... there was a reporter that was in town working on a story about our issue and was able to get a tour of the school and see first hand the condition of the school.

Do not give up! The No votes may have put a few more signs up but we are further ahead of them in educating the public. They are using scare tactics and misinformation to try to secure the No votes. It is heartwarming to hear talk of the discussions you have had to turn some of these No votes into YES votes just by giving them the TRUTH! Keep fighting the good fight!

The future of Newmarket rests on this vote.

Showing off the amazing drawing.

Reminder to vote yes on March 11th.

And all that has been done with our school since it was opened in 1925. It is more than time to build a new school!!


  1. Wow, you do need a week off!! How cool! Spring break for us is during my birthday week, and I took my bday day off because it's on a Monday. Yes, on a MONDAY!!!!! Argh. That drawing of the potential new school, I can only begin to imagine how proud the kids would be feeling to walk up to that gorgeous, badly needed school. The No voters are a blight on your town. I will never buy anything from anyone in that town until a new school is built. I'd like to know the stats on the ages of the No voters. Are they mostly over 60??

    1. Seems to be mostly the retired and on a fixed income. Then one of the budget committee members said everyone is on a fixed income. It's not like you can go to your boss and demand an extra $1200 because your taxes went up. Hopefully we are making progress!!