25 February 2014

february 5

Daddy's birthday. Poor guy had to go out and snow blow the driveway. At least it wasn't a foot but it was still enough! One of those chores I am so happy he does for me.

We got his presents all ready to go while he was working outside.

Cute cake!! Don't mind the leftovers of frosting which equaled part white and part orange frosting. Both of which were homemade just not enough of either to cover the entire cake. It worked and was delish!!

Here's the dining room table... are you sensing a theme yet??

Streamers photographed by Alex. Great angle.

I put up the signs and streamers the day before since he was going to be home on his actual birthday and we couldn't surprise him. He was quite surprised!!

hee hee... more Avenger fun.

On his desk!!

We decorated his chair!! BTW... check out the great Vikings quilt my mom gave to him Christmas 2012! It is so cute. I need to take better pictures of it.

Here are the big decorations! They were way bigger than I had planned on at the store and had to put them downstairs instead of upstairs. It worked though.

I put this on our bedroom door!!

Daddy and his girl.

Daddy and his boy.

Daddy can't believe that mommy is making him smile and blow the candles out!! But he did it.

And as a public service announcement....


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