17 May 2014

where have i been?

I have been thrust into the world of all things puppy! Gizmo has been keeping me on my toes since we picked him up on April 18th. He is a smart one and is learning things pretty quickly. The potty training is going well. And the kids love him to pieces.

I need to find time for me and get some things posted here. Crossing fingers he lets me do it soon. The breeder said we would be hitting the separation anxiety phase between weeks 12 and 14. Guess who is 12 weeks today?? Yup my Gizmo. He loves us all but I seem to be his favorite. Which during waking hours I do not mind in the least. But in the middle of the night.... not so much.

Anywho... here are some pictures I am sharing. He is an Alaskan Klee Kai and will probably be between 25-30 pounds when he finishes growing. He is considered imperfect for his breed because he is completely white. I consider him perfect because of his whiteness and blue eyes. 

Enjoy and hope to post more soon!!

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