29 March 2014

american heart association's jump for heart

Every year Newmarket Elementary School students volunteer to Jump For Heart with the American Heart Association. Both kids have done it and loved doing it. This year the American Heart Association has added a way to collect donation online!! So much easier with family and friends across the country and the use of social media!

The kids can earn rubber ducks when they reach different levels of donations. The first one that Alex is wearing in the picture below is when he received his first in person donation and the lanyard to keep him on.

The second duck he received and I didn't take a picture of it yet, was for his first online donation. As you can see below, he thanked Nana and Papa for the donation as well as his birthday present.

Cute little guy.

Anywho... if you are feeling so inclined to donate to the American Heart Association and want to help Alex reach his online goal of $75 please click HERE. FYI- Alex would also receive another duck for his lanyard. Thank you!!!

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  1. Whoa, we did this too!! Braeden loves his lanyard and duck, that's for sure!!! You got a cute fellow up there!!!